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Untangling Organisational Culture is a series of masterclasses run by Neil Hope and Sarah Carter. The sessions are aimed at leaders/aspiring leaders who want practical ideas on how to nurture and transform both their organisation's culture and the human beings in it.

As a delegate, you'll come away with a set of practical tools to develop mindful, self-aware individuals, teams and cultures and transform their outcomes.

On our booking page you’ll find a range of ticket options starting at £395 (+VAT) for individual day tickets. There are discounted rates for multiple sessions or attendees.

What problem does Untangling Organisational Culture seek to solve?

Often, in our organisations we seem to forget that we are, first and foremost, human beings. We throw out much of what inspires, engages and enriches other areas of our lives - and so it becomes easy for individuals and groups not to feel included, not to feel part of something, to disconnect their values and themselves from their professional lives.

Throughout Untangling Organisational Culture we look to rectify this omission by introducing a series of ways we, as leaders, can communicate directly and deeply with the cultures of which we are a part. We introduce and explore the Building Blocks of Culture to directly affect groups; we look at Mindfulness to help us untangle ourselves so we are better able to bring clarity and insight to the conditions we and others are setting around us; we work with Building Blocks of Character to reconnect with aspects of ourselves like purpose, direction, wholeness and meaning in order that we can better recognise them in others and in our organisations.

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Day One - Sept 12th: Culture – a new toolkit for transformation

For organisations, culture is the foundation of everything. The best strategy in the world will fail without people’s buy in to and connection with its culture. But how do we actually impact on it? Where should we focus our attention? On Day One we show you how to practically apply our tools to influence and nurture your culture.


This session is for you if:

  • As a leader, you want to influence and develop your team or organisation’s culture but don’t know where to start to get the best outcomes
  • You want time and space to explore the challenges your organisation faces and consider how you might solve them
  • You’re looking for practical ideas which you can start to implement immediately

Day Two - Sept 13th: Mindfulness - untangling the untangler

Mindfulness is an age-old discipline that’s helping individuals and organisations cope more effectively with modern-day challenges. On Day Two we give you an insight into the impact that mindfulness can have on leaders. We show you how it has real practical application within your organisation and - more than helping you to cope with current pressures and environments – how it can help you to change and transform your relationships and outcomes. Day Two will feature meditation sessions run by Neil Hope who has over 25 years’ experience as a teacher in the field – both as a Buddhist Monk and as a Transpersonal Psychologist.


This session is for you if:

  • You want to explore the benefits of mindfulness for yourself, your team and organisation
  • You want to consider the impact of your patterns of behaviour on your outcomes and the outcomes of your team
  • You’re interested in developing a mindfulness practice and working with an expert practitioner

Day Three - Sept 14th: Developing character - finding and following your thread

Our success is often determined by our ability to engage and inspire others. But before we can make deep and long-lasting connections with others we have to get to know and trust ourselves, what drives us, what we want out of life, where we are heading. And the same goes for the direction and meaning of our organisations as a whole. On Day Three we examine how – through actively listening to ourselves - we can strengthen and build our individual, authentic character and that of our organisations.


This session is for you if:

  • You want to increase your impact as a leader
  • You’re looking to reconnect with your own sense of purpose
  • You’re looking to understand how aspects of your character affect those around you
  • You feel your department or organisation needs to better understand itself
If you have any questions about the Masterclasses please drop us a line on our Contact Us page.