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Welcome to the world of Wisdom Fish

Wisdom Fish are experts in transforming individuals, groups and organisational cultures through mindfulness.

Whether you're an individual who wants to understand their effect, a leader who wants to have impact, a team that wants to work smarter, or an organisation looking to develop and enrich its culture, our masterclasses, consultancy and experiences will furnish you with the tools you need to effect lasting change.

Welcome to the world of Wisdom Fish

Untangling Organisational Culture

Over recent years a number of sectors have been hit by scandals - the car industry, airline companies, the financial and charity sectors, for example.

Some of the coverage surrounding these scandals has been fair; some not so fair.

The initial response has often been to look at the regulatory environment, to tighten up on rules, to change policies.

And whilst this is crucial, behaviour isn’t only determined by rules but also by the character of individual leaders and the culture of organisations. For what is a scandal but an indication that our behaviour and the values that underpin them are out of whack?

So, how do we infuse our cultures with vision, with values, with sense? How do we move beyond listing them on a website and seeing them in action, feeling their effect? How do we untangle the mess and become more mindful and self-aware individuals and organisations?

If you’re looking for a direct and practical route to develop and transform your culture into one that genuinely supports and reflects your brand both inside and outside of the organisation, then the Wisdom Fish Masterclass Series may be just the ticket.

What we do



If you want to experience what Wisdom Fish can offer, then the Masterclass series is a great place to start. Spend the day with us and you’ll come away with a much stronger sense of where you need to focus your attention as a human being and as a leader and how you can best impact your organisational culture. Click here to find out about each of our Masterclasses.



When people have attended our Masterclasses, they’re often keen for some more bespoke and focused attention. We work with individuals, teams and entire organisations. Click here to find out about the kind of projects we’ve been involved with. You’ll be surprised to see the range of things we can impact on.



No, we don’t offer Formula One days or hot air balloon flights. But a journey with Wisdom Fish can be just as exhilarating and far more life-enhancing. If you want to genuinely listen to your organisational culture, give it purpose and meaning and improve your performance, then you might want to take a look here at what we can achieve together.

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